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White Oak logs - ABC Grade

White Oak logs - ABC Grade


Diameter: 30% 30-39cm, 70% 40cm +

Length: 300cm - 1180 cm

Measurement: Cross fit over bark in the middle of the log

Grade: ABC

Fresh cut

Volume per container: 20-25 cbm


  • Description

    We export our White oak logs from Germany, France and Belgium. The logs our selected and expected in the forest. ABC graded Oak logs are exported as full length logs so we supply the bottom till top part of the log. Uptill 1180cm long. The bottom part of the log often contains the A grade material while the top is often containing C grade material. ABC logs allow for some knots and some curve. Big knots larger then 300mm are discounted. A free trim of 30cm is provided on every log.

    Shipment time: +- 6 weeks after order


    Contact us to get a specific quote for your required volumes and delivery time

    Price is an indications as they can sligthly differ due to freight charges or market conditions. No rights can be derived from these indications.

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